i will swim to you

i am thinking of you, you know.

of your body heat like liquor, pouring over me.

the lines of you sprawled across my bed, your perfect symmetry.

i am thinking of the pressure of flesh:

the weight of you, pressing me hard-

dragging me down deeper and deeper.

your hands closed around my tiny wrists, pinning me against cold walls.

the way you move against me,

my breath ripping from my lungs.

of your mouth, ever-hungry and beautiful-

seeking me in darkness like a weapon, bringing me to my fucking knees.

your heartbeat drumming against my ribs,

our call to war,

as i say "i need you closer."

i am thinking of the drip-drip-drip of that bathroom sink-

your fingers tangled in my hair, pulling hard,

and then we are only speaking in sweat and moans,

that guttural language of your teeth at my neck, my nails at your back,

your savage hands gripping my hips.

and how i taste you-

god, how i taste you

- in this pitch-black vacuum.

i am thinking of you, you know.