burning down the highway skyline

my lover brings me almonds. he feeds me- carefully, not lasciviously- beneath sunlight, starlight, no light. we share moments stretched thin like grains of sand slipping through glass curves. we own these dark spaces lit blue-black by the dashboard's glow. we spill sticky red wine on clean white sheets, smeared across the bed like blossoming wounds. and he knows i am hurting and i know he is fleeting, but we hold each other like time is running out. like we are both young. like we believe in endlessness. i am weightless where he anchors me; i am infinite beneath stars. the two of us study bones and practice language and worship words with every breath. i am perfect beneath his hands. he is flawless above my mouth. as the two of us lie still against ancient rocks. as we mimic what we have learned from restless books. as i say to him,

"i want to watch the world end with you."