drunk and i am seeing stars

you know what i'm talking about. you know this feeling too.

it's that geometric space your neck and shoulder form, how my face fits there like an elementary school puzzle. there is no guesswork, there is no discomfort, there is only an anatomical magnetism that seven years' pursuit of bioscience still cannot explain. i am not attractive, but i feel beautiful in that space. i am not fragile, but i feel delicate against you. i have never been quite feminine, but i feel like the first woman in the world when i feel you breathe beside me. and i am not carved from your ribcage- i start where your clavicle ends, and my fingers find their homes between yours. we lay there in the dark, listening to bob dylan on your record player. hey mr. tambourine man, play a song for me. i'm not sleepy and there's no place i'm going to. i am here and i am safe and i am at home in your heart.

you know what i'm talking about. you lie there at night with the one that you love and you are happy in a way that you cannot define. you are unsinkable in their arms. it is not vocal, it is not sexual, and there are no doubts to be had. it is the space where you are welcome, the body heat that keeps you warm, the forms you take as if your bodies were born with muscle memory for each other.

this is how i know i am meant for no one else but you.